About Us

Our Vision:

VISION: Our Vision is to be a congregation that grows spiritually and holistically through the word of God, prayer and counselling.

VISION STATEMENT: Relationship is everything.


Our Mission:

MINISTRY MISSION: To effectively communicate the message of unity in prayer, to administer deliverance and biblical counselling, to to have a deeper relationship with God, and also to create an atmosphere where we can build relationships together without having to think of denominations.

SOCIAL MISSION: To organize and operate our ministry efforts in a way that acknowledges and demonstrates our role as one of society's agents of change through improving the quality of life in our host communities and globally.

Our Commission:

PRAYER: We are a praying church (individuals) and what this means is that we teach people how to pray effectively and also stand in the gap for those who are still struggline with the area of prayer in their Christian walk.

DELIVERANCE: We administer deliverance to those who are being oppressed by the Devil and teach them to remain delivered.

COUNSELLING: We counsel people with the word of God, irrespective of the situation they find themselves.


Our History

The church began as a home fellowship in Malmo, Sweden in 2012 to bring people into a deeper relationship with God.

God’s Dwelling place Pentecostal Church of God in Etobicoke, (Toronto,) Ontario was inaugurated by Pastor Hannah Boyewa in 2016.


We Pray, We Praise, We Preach Christ. This is Where you Belong!

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